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Code Property Inspections


Consider this scenario during your next home purchase: You made an offer on a foreclosure property at an awesome purchase price. The bank accepts your offer and you go to closing and purchase a great home at less than 50% of what it cost to originally build the home!  Sound good so far? But wait, there's more! Not only do you get a great deal on the home purchase, but you also inherit all the CODE VIOLATIONS performed by the previous owner! These violations add up to THOUSANDS of dollars in fines that YOU get to pay!


Does it sound fair that YOU get to pay the fines for the violations of the previous owner? Local laws say it is!  This scenario is being found throughout counties all over Florida. Therefore, these counties are now encouraging Home Buyers to obtain a Code Property Inspection when contemplating a purchase. 

As a leader in the Home Inspection industry and in order to maintain our Superior level of customer service, Alpha Omega Inspections is now offering Code Property Inspections. 


This service can save a potential home buyer thousands of dollars in expenses incurred due to pre existing code violations!


Things to know about a code property inspection:

  1. A typical home inspection does not include a report on code violations for several reasons:

    1. a typical home inspector is not qualified to perform a Code Property Inspection. 

    2. Furthermore, a Home Inspection reports on the "condition" of the home's major elements and does not encompass potential building code violations.

  2. A Code Property Inspection includes reporting on unpermitted improvements, nonconforming structures, zoning appropriate for the structure/intended use, and open permits. As an option, the Inspector may include a Code Lien Search (reports on any liens placed on the property due to code violations). All potential home buyers should note that any existing Code violations, fines, and liens go with the property and become the responsibility of the new owner when sold!

  3. Code Property Inspections can only be performed by a Florida Licensed Contractor, Home Inspector or Code Investigator for either the property owner or potential buyer.  Alpha Omega Inspections has a Certified General Contractor and a Licensed Home Inspector on staff and specifically trained in Code Property Inspections.


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