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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for considering Alpha Omega Inspections for your inspection needs! We specialize in services in

Marco Island, Naples and all of Southwest Florida. Often clients have questions about inspection procedures

and our report delivery procedures.


We have created this list of frequently asked questions to assist you. Of course, if your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact one of our inspectors by calling our offices at 239.394.6210 or emailing at 

Q:   What is included in your typical home inspection?
A:   Our Full Home Inspections include the following elements: Foundation, Structural, Exterior Grading, Water Equipment, Exterior Roof, Roof Structure, Heating & Cooling, Attic, Insulation & Ventilation, Electrical, Plumbing, and Interior.

Q:   Aren't fees the only difference between Inspection Companies, now that mandatory state licensing is in effect?
A:   NO. Although State Licensing has introduced some minimum guidelines for inspectors, these minimum guidelines do not always arm consumers with enough information to make decisions. Alpha Omega Inspections, PLLC offers many additional services within our basic pricing which other inspectors do not or are not properly qualified to offer.

Q:   Do you inspect for mold?
A:   We do include a search for visual evidence of surface mold. However, only our licensed Mold Assessors may report on the type and extent of mold content within the home. For accurate mold assessments, we can provide an Air Quality Survey (determines the amount and type of mold spores present within the interior atmosphere during the inspection) and Mold Swabs (swabbing visible surface mold in order to determine the type and toxicity of the surface mold found). Both of these tests involve our use of an independent laboratory for analysis. If you desire a full Mold Assessment along with your Home Inspection, please mention this up front in order to avoid delays in delivery of the laboratory report(s). Reports may take up to 2 business days after the Inspection. It is always encouraged to obtain a mold assessment for home purchases, but even more so when a property has been vacant for an extended period of time and/or the buyer may have allergic reactions to mold that may create respiratory problems.

Q:   Should I have a Radon Test?
A:  Radon is present everywhere. Due to the simple fact that Radon levels differ from one property to another, we must always advise to have a Radon Test performed. We have a Florida Licensed Radon Measurement Technician on staff to perform Radon Testing. Knowing the levels of Radon within your home is very important to protecting your family's health. To find out more about Radon, contact us at (239)394-6210 or visit our Radon Information Pages by CLICKING HERE.

Q:   How long does a typical home inspection take?
A:   The typical home inspection takes an average of 3 hours on site for homes up to 2,000 square feet living area. Larger and older homes may take more time. Our Licensed Inspectors DO NOT take shortcuts. This ensures we are providing you with an accurate assessment in order to make an informed decision.

Q:   How can I pay for my inspection?

A:   We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards. You may pay the inspector on site, pay over the phone with a major credit card or you may mail in a check for the invoice (keep in mind that completed reports are not available until payment is received).

Q:   Does Florida require a Home Inspector to be licensed?
A:   YES. Effective 7/1/2010, Florida Statute Chapter 468, Part XV provides for licensure and regulation of Home Inspectors. This law requires that anyone who provides "Home Inspection Services" to be properly educated and licensed to conduct business in Florida. All of our Inspectors are Licensed and Insured to perform Inspections. Beyond a Florida Home Inspector License, many of our Professionals carry additional Licenses such as Mold Assessors, Certified Radon Measurement Technicians, Certified General Contractors, Certified Residential Contractors, Certified Building Contractors Licenses. All of which require additional experience, education, and training under Florida Law.

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